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    @Gillian SangerIt always is great to "know" that spring will come. That seasonal "knowing" . a consistency. A pattern, or habit of Mother Nature. This helps settle my inner self to believe in things. I "know" spring will come and the colorful world will burst out. The buds on the trees and bushes. White and red, berries etc. Even the weeds turn a great color and try to exist inside everything else. Today I walked outside to gather all the puppy toys. I got her a bunch of beanie toys she loves. Her mouth is small so she just tries to find a squeaky in it. It is funny to watch her biting it. She will run outside with it and toss it in the air and catch it to toss again. Running in circles. Run as fast as possible around things outside. Or a big circle. She is a Peek-a-Pom. The ground was wet from rain. So were the toys but she doesn't care. she still wanted them. The air smelled so "good". Someone must have cut their grass because it smelled almost like fresh alfalfa being cut. A sweet smell. Takes me back to my childhood riding on a raker. I am excited for spring, in about a month now. Here is Teddy. She is a clown.


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