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    My website actually shows all of my services that I offer other than my mindfulness servies, but I am happy to share it . I hope that it is ok that other services are on there. Thank you!! http://www.totalbodystudio1.yolasite.com/
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    Hi all! I'm tuning in from Tel Aviv and just started the teacher training program. Does anyone here have a website in which they offer mindfulness/meditation workshops/courses, etc. or just dedicated to mindfulness with resources? Would love to get some ideas! Thanks!
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    Yes...self care, definitely family and love and kindness ... healthful living for myself, family and my Clientelle.
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    Confidence is my biggest thing with mindfulness and learning to engaging without expectations sometimes.
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    I am grateful for having wonderful friends that always check on me. I am grateful for strength and knowledge that is given from others with no return expectations. Thank you for clean air, sweet food, nutrition and wellness.
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    Still learning! A close friend of mine is a sifu. He occasionally teaches tai chi, but because he's recovering from a back injury he sent me a few youtube videos for an evening qigong routine that he felt would work for me.


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