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    Online known as Spag. live in Windsor, UK. Checkered history of mental illness. Mindfulness has been central to my recovery and ongoing wellness. I trust that not only will I benefit from being in this Community, but that in return I will also be able to contribute and that my story will encourage others.
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    Thank you! Your insight is extremely helpful for me. I am a spiritual being that has felt somewhat trapped by conditioning. Somehow my idealistic nature sees a forest and not only a tree wants to capture TRUTH without limitations. So many spiritual teachers came through this world with so much good offered. Unfortunately guilt and fear (ego) got nurtured very young yet I want to breath light and God and embrace everything that feels right and healing. We all have our paths and I am learning slowly my identity that feels conflicted. I really like how you mentioned the word “meaning” ...that word is everything to me. It also inspired me to try to bring forth my own song of light. Something to create musically with meaning without voices of the past telling me what is right or wrong. I will explore as well the non specific mantras as you suggest too. Thank you!
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    Hi Jonathan nice to have you on here. What is your website ?
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    Sorry to hear you suffering in the mornings. I’ve started to try and do some exercises, nothing to strenuous just rotating the arms quite quickly and some side to side stretches. If you shower in the morning alternate between drying yourself slowly and quickly. This might help release some of the pent up nervous energy which anxiety can be. If you try a meditation after this you might find a more relaxed state of the awareness.
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    I feel like political talks often end up being pointless, because very rarely do we genuinely connect with people, consider their arguments or question ours. It's just a matter of waiting for them to stop speaking so that we can deliver our talking points. I am as guilty of that as anyone. What comes to my mind when I think about politics, aside from speaking with my votes, is to simply live my ethics. To speak up and stand up to injustice and to positively contribute. For example, I've taught mindfulness for free to people who are not able to afford it and who either come from vulnerable groups (immigrants, refugees, LGBTQ+, etc.), I volunteered as a physician back in Europe when the migrant crisis began, etc. I'll donate stuff, money, etc. To me that's also politics. And it's practical and it's effective because it actually helps someone. I am very weary of "politics" on social media and YouTube comments. I just don't think it's constructive and somehow it feels like its main purpose is for those who retweet or dislike or whatever they do to feel good about themselves, whereas net suffering of humans is pretty much the same and no one's mind has been changed.
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    I too echo what both @Vladimir and @Bluebabee has posted. Personally I have found forgiving others and also forgiving myself has become liberating. Setting myself free from the shackles of guilt and resentment. It's the inner peace that forgiveness brings that becomes the fertile soil of self improvement. That said, it's easier said than done. I've found that forgiveness is a willful decision that I have to make, sometimes against my own feelings of hurt. And more often than not, I have to repeat it several times. The heart eventually follows, at which point at least to me, liberation sets in. I therefore believe forgiveness to be a practice, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. It also helps to remember that those that transgress against us, have their own demons that they fight daily and in most cases are totally oblivious to their own actions not to the effect it has on us. Kindness is key here. Apply it liberally. LOL, I'm preaching to myself again!!!
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    Oh! This also invites me to share that during kirtan when we chanted to a particular deity, I would connect more so with the meaning ('meaning' once again) and symbolism of that particular mantra/God/Goddess. So Ganesha, for instance, is about overcoming obstacles. I would connect with that energy within myself, and let the power of the music, devotion, and the group singing to move me
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    @Bluebabee - I agree that forgiveness is a complex journey. It's often mistaken to be a single event - either we've forgiven or we haven't. But reality is much more dynamic than this. In one moment, we might feel completely at peace with whatever we've needed to forgive.... and then moments later it could come rushing back to the surface as emotions (i.e. anger, guilt, shame, etc). Harriet Lerner talks a bit about it in her book, "Why Won't You Apologize?" It was a great read! Here's a link to an article about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathycaprino/2017/01/12/why-wont-you-apologize-relationship-expert-harriet-lerner-teaches-us-how/#798d479f4172
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    I double love the heart chakra. For one thing it helps to intersect the lower and higher vibrating energies. In Qigong we learn that the meridians that cross over and when trying to help healing it is always best to come from the heart. I love visualizing and feeling the heat and tingling sensations from the heart chakra, including the back area and sending vibrations out from it to all areas of the body. The in and through the cells to the world. Very healing process, green color of course. I am always smiling.
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    Thank you for sharing @Paige PIlege! What a beautiful expression of forgiveness and unconditional love
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    It is getting difficult with this weather and season changing. I think the planet is a little on the upside down. Where it should be warm it is colder. And colder it is warm. My son lives in North Carolina and they never wear tennis shoes. They were sandals year round. The past few years and today they have snow and have to wear snow boots. When it gets up to 50 degrees and stays a few days and then it drops to zero a week or so. It gets confusing within. My essence says, "open the winders for fresh air. and sunlight." But then it has to turn around and say, "nope, go to bed and read a bit more" it is still dark.
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    I just begin and let my creativity flow. nothing special. I have done Literally 100 s of pictures. I love doing 2 colors and then just bold. Sometimes I end up with a picture I had no clue how would turn out. I love to color with markers. So far. I have not gotten into the shading yet. Maybe someday. My grand kids come over and also do them with me.
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    A lot of mindfulness-related notions and principles make a lot of sense when we're feeling balanced and, at minimum, 'okay.' But, it can be so hard to embody this knowing when anxiety or fear arises strongly. Does anyone have insights or specific practices that have proven helpful in these instances? I'm often amazed at how simple breath awareness - even for 10 seconds!! - can greatly reduce any feelings of stress and anxiety when it's risen. However, it's sometimes difficult to even remember this simple trick!
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    Hi all! I'm tuning in from Tel Aviv and just started the teacher training program. Does anyone here have a website in which they offer mindfulness/meditation workshops/courses, etc. or just dedicated to mindfulness with resources? Would love to get some ideas! Thanks!
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    I have been going to write a book or autobiography/memoir for a long time. I began writing seriously 2004. Journaling I started in 1982 the beginning of my adult life. Marriage. To say it was not a smooth one is an understatement, I am not sure what smooth or rough is for life. I have a feeling (empathic)past lives may have been harder. So I wrote a story about the very first tragedy I experienced. I worked at a state hospital on an locked unit. Admissions. People came in off medicines and evaluations took place. I was attacked by a patient with steaming water that burned me bad, I was in the hospital and went through weeks of whirlpools to peel my skin. Anyway, painful, shocking stuff. I would wake up crying and screaming in my sleep. so PTSD set in. Who wants to sleep with that thought. Over the years. I think it took 5-10 years and now it is barely a memory, that I let invade myself. Writing a story about it made it much easier to evaluate and let the emotions float along. It is over, there is no reason for it to affect me anymore. A lesson learned? There is hope and forgiveness. I changed from that point on. Blessings.
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    @Paige PIlege Thank you for sharing this story Paige. What a very challenging and frightening experience to say the very least. So have you written about it already and are going to turn it into a full book?
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    Mindfulness to me is being aware of what is in front of you, and then around you. Most present to whom you are talking to with great intense attention. Each action and movement carefully thought of before done. Instead of just automatic running around. Meditation is a stillness within. Although you can meditate when moving. Be put in a trans, per say. For me it is being totally still physically as well as mentally and consciously. Being able to process all emotions and thoughts one at a time and letting them go, until none are left. Both have saved my autistic tendencies. The racing mind, and the leaning to depression as in my DNA history.
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    Hi Cecilia, How are you? I hope this finds you well. I just noticed you are from Arizona! I will be there in April getting Qigong Certification. Do You do yoga or dancing type exercise?
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    Thanks for sharing your insights @SweetPea! There are so many overlaps between the two. Just to see what would happen, I flipped your first two statements around in my head: "Mindfulness helps heal us from our past. Meditation can help us be present in the moment." I think that can be true too I also feel there is a difference in that mindfulness is something we can practice in any moment, whereas meditation is more of a formal practice (though mindfulness can be formal too of course). Meditation seems to be more broad since there are so many techniques - mindfulness being one of them.
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    Hi Gillian, I am completely new to mindfulness practice.
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    Mindfulness can help us be present in the moment. Meditation helps heal us from our past. Both help increase the size of our hippocampus and reduce the size and use of our amygdala.. mindfulness is about awareness of our senses and where we are feeling them in our body; meditation is about detachment from thoughts.
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    @Paige PIlege - This is all so lovely to hear. Yes I agree, it is wonderful when conversation flows - when mindful, honest responses and insights are added to this group. It helps us to recognize our shared humanity. That's certainly what this community is here for
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    Such great posts, I resonate very much with @Bluebabeein that life seems to drift in as an obstacle when unplanned things come up, illnesses and others lives that change suddenly. All the unforeseen events to our lives used to stop me in my tracks and take me a long time to get back on track. 4-5 times I have lost my way, gotten confused, lived moment to moment in a daze of what to do next. gaining weight from the stress of it all. Then slowly and eventually easier it became to get back on board and deal with working towards the same, where I left off at, life. My last one was 6 years ago, as a divorce from 30 year marriage happened. And it freed me to love myself again and find true love surrounding me and in the world. It takes awhile to erase or reprogram from 40 years including childhood. Today I have never been happier. Still working on getting back on track. But much, much happier doing it. Thank you everyone for posting.
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    My moments are when I have responses immediately to postings in my wonderful secret, safe group. Journey 2 Joy 101, Your Community 24/7. This social learning group is coming along pretty good. Started last fall and running smoother all the time. I am running a 52 Week Gratitude Challenge that is doing well. Knowing I help others as they respond, in kind, to my suggestions and help. Also when I have eye to eye contact with my mom and siblings. Community members that listen to my answer to their questions about spiritualism, life issues, and problem solving experience. We have a nice, wonderful conversation. The sharing of a warm hearted discussion.
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    So much more to explore on this topic but I just listened to this. I really resonate with the words of Alan Watts but had never encountered this one before: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/watts-acceptance-death-meaning-life/
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    My entry point into the world of Mindfulness came about several years ago when my employer arranged for the entire management staff to attend a three day work shop facilitated by Nicholas Janni who is a very gifted Mindfulness and Leadership coach (I encourage you to Google him). I have to admit that I really did not want to go but I am so glad that I did. I went into the experience with a less than ideal attitude and a lot of baggage. I came out of it completely refreshed and inspired. I immediately adopted both formal and informal daily practices, read many books on the subject and started attending online and in person classes. It was the life changing impact that it had on me that motivated me to become a teacher and coach so that I could share Mindfulness with others. Thanks to Sean's class, I feel like I have touched lives and opened the door for many people to experience the journey for themselves.
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    Hi Gillian yes I did them, thanks for your kind comments. Going to upload a few more.
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    This week's question asks: What does self-love mean to you? Share your personal takes and insights on this notion that has become so very prevalent in the modern world. Self-love: what does it really mean? You might consider answering that question directly, or reflecting and answering on any of the following: How do you practice self-love? What misconceptions do you think people hold about self-love? Or in other words, what is it not? Who is the 'self' in 'self-love' that we devote our compassion to?
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    When in a difficult conversation it is good to be prepared to age appropriate information. True Gillian, having the curiosity to be willing to accept information from the other person is helpful. Being honest, authentic and have reliable information is important also when discussing specific topics. If it is for kids then age appropriate is a must.
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    Ah yes, the Law of Attraction. If we are love, we receive love. If we are kindness we receive kindness. So it goes. BE what you are wanting to attract.
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    I use music in my Qigong practice and meditation I use different types of sounds. To sleep I take deep breaths and stretch. Legs, arms and back are the most tense and think of nothing. I sleep right away. I get my nights and days a bit mixed up but I do sleep 6-10 hours a day. I used to take medicine. I could barely crawl to bed they wiped me out. That was so I could sleep as everyone else. I decided last year that it was time to get off the pills and just make sure I sleep when ready to sleep. I am more productive doing things my own way, according to how my body naturally is regulated.
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    If you are like me and have one of those "curious minds," this book will give you an overwhelming amount of answers to important questions about sleep in addition to tips. It's the first sleep book by a leading scientific expert--Matthew Walker, PhD, preeminent neuroscientist, sleep expert, former professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and Director of UC Berkeley's Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab. Why We Sleep is a must-read for anyone who is serious about getting a good night's sleep.
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    Welcome @Belinda Tucker! Wonderful to have you here Have you checked out the member map to see who else is here from Australia? https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/membermap/
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    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a book club and perhaps an online meditation group? I was reading parts of Sharon Salzberg's Lovingkindness for a workshop that I'll be holding and I thought how that book deserves to be re-read again and again. There are so many good exercises that I thought it would be worth doing in a group. To discuss chapters and then meet up and try the exercises together and share experiences.
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    @Paige PIlege Well said! One of the first lessons I learnt after a failed attempt at taking my own life, was to be authentic. It's damn difficult, especially if you have been living your life in accordance with a script that was given to you by your parents and other figures of authority. Being your authentic self is the only way you can really fall in love with who you are and subsequently build pure relationships. Warts and all, as they say. But it is scary at first. When you have to first of all wipe the slate clean, and when you take up the quill to write those first words. It has become easier as confidence grows and as you also see the fruits of your labour. But nonetheless it is a ALWAYS a fragile process as you set off into the unknown. And you are going to make mistakes, the trick is to always make 'new mistakes'. Bless you for what you are doing for those kiddies. They do not know yet the far reaching effect your guidance will have, and also the pain and suffering your actions are sparing them from. But please do not neglect yourself in the process.
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    this is so true. I love this. This is what I teach kids and adults. Kids when they are mislead by adults on how they are to live and react to certain situations. They need to become their own person and identity. Once they figure out that they do have an opinion and it makes sense to do things "their way". Understanding that they have their own story to write makes a difference. Bringing hope along the way. Addicts really need to know this I have run across a few. I even tell 10 year olds, "Never, ever let anyone tell you that you cannot be yourself" "Integrity is important, so own up to your decision" write your own life story. Teaching to read different perceptions of life. I love helping people.
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    @BluebabeeI also am very grateful for others just like me. Concerned about humanity as a whole. Embracing complete wonder of life being beautiful and helping others see it.
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    So wonderful to have you here! And thank you for your contributions
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    Hi Everyone! I’m a certified MBRP leader in the DFW area. Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention is a relatively new practice and there are fewer than 1,000 leaders worldwide. For me, meditation has been the cornerstone for my recovery and I honored to share this practice with others in treatment facilities and in community! My website is: www.mbrpnorthtexas.com
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    Gillian you are on the mark too! This is about meaning and conditioning. The scary idea about worshipping more than one God.. This is what I don’t understand. I really love the music of Deva Premal. Love the style...it resonates in my being...but..something catches me and makes me conflicted. Lol..why am I so complicated.. oh well.. just is right now. The answers keep coming in time. I’m also going to try to write my own but sounds that have meaning possibly without words in this dimension but mean everything to my soul.
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    I would say a personal yoga practice could be anywhere from 20-90 minutes per session for beginners. Advanced yoga practitioners might practice for up to 3 hours as you do with qigong, but that length isn't necessary to achieve the benefits. I'd start small (say, 30 minutes) and build from there. I think the length will also depend on the type of yoga you practice. Some are more physically demanding while others are more meditative.
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    @Paige PIlege - Yes, I love the mingling of the lower and higher energies. The heart embodied both the tangible and intangible so beautifully. I often practice the yoga asana pose 'gomukhasana', or 'cow face' pose. It is said to help balance the heart, and since it is a pose that is done on two sides, I often reflect upon the two directions of loving energy - the incoming and the outgoing, or the receiving and the giving. This reflection and pose symbolizes for me another 'balancing point' within this energy center.
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    Recently came across The Mind, Explained - it's a documentary series currently available on Netflix (of 5, 20 minute episodes) that examines what happens inside human brains when we dream, have anxiety, practice mindfulness, and so on. One of the episodes focuses on mindfulness and shares the story of Yongey Rinpoche ... here's a quick description from IMDB I thought some may be interested, so I'm sharing here in case you happen to have Netflix!
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    @RBloomz - thank you for sharing all of this! What a beautiful written expression of what's moved through you. Your experience with the 'dream job' that turned out not to be the dream job: I think that's quite common, and yet I don't know how many people face the often painful truth when it whispers. We often chase things because we 'think' we will enjoy them, and yet they don't always fulfill us on a deeper level. That's wonderful that you were able to listen and to follow your heart, despite what the mind may have wanted you to believe. I think that's a perfect example of when it's time to leave a job. I started a conversation on this topic - when to leave a workplace vs. when to change our attitude towards it - because it's often hard to differentiate between the two. But when we tune into the heart, the answer is there (whether we're ready to hear it or not).
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    Welcome @bombabird! Great question. I'll tag a few members so that they're more likely to check in for this post. Not sure what they each offer specifically, but I'm sure some of them would be more than happy to share their professional websites You will also find a few links in the 'Your Offerings' club, but I think having this forum topic is a good idea since not everyone has joined that club. @George Marino @Paige PIlege @Karen @Ro H. @JohFlow @Alain @Joe W. @Belinda @GalandaB @Mike Goins @Marisa @Kimberly - and whoever else sees this! If you have a website that shows your mindfulness services or resources, feel free to share them in this thread.
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    I have been wandering around the last few years because the first 50 years of my life were done witnessing, making mistakes and learning. Finally, I have reached accomplished. 30 years of journals with struggles and progress now can be put out. With 3 courses and 3 websites, I feel very comfortable with helping others. I use to have this itch. This itch to do something with what I have lived. Not knowing how, when, where and what is a daunting task. FIRST progress is in 2020. Thank you for being here. Projects are completed, now to learn what else to do with it. Very slow going for me. https://soul-fitness-life-alliance.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=1148266 Embrace Your Joy free 4 videos Worksheet bonus https://soul-fitness-life-alliance.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=1384677 Embrace Joy Without Fear $10 minicourse videos, charts, bonus's
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    Hi Robyn! I love what you said about helping to reduce some of the suffering that comes with being a human being. Offering mindfulness services is truly a way of doing this. I also like the quote in the link to your page - "Mindfulness is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there..." Is that your own image you have saved? If so, feel free to upload it in our Inspirational Quotes section.
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    I'm following this discussion & can't wait to learn more tips! I've actually had lifetime struggles with GAD and social phobia. Following a suggestion of trying guided meditations led me here. I'd love to try this. Are there any additional resources for breath awareness you might be able to link me to? (I'm learning!) I did find a fantastic guided meditation but I don't always have 30 uninterrupted min when I need it most.
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