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    It was great to stumble on this group, looking forward to hanging out, learning and sharing.
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    Hi! I am focusing on taking care of my whole self by starting every day with prayer, tea, and gratitude. I’m staying off anything electronic during my first and last 1 1/2 hours of each day.
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    I mostly isolate, definitely social distancing, and hand wash. I take walks without other people around and practice QiGong. It is my understanding that QiGong helps strengthen the immune system. That is something I have practice regularly for 15 years. Just clarifying as I don't want this post to sound like I'm suggesting what others can do to be safe and virus free by doing QiGong. Attached is a picture I took on my last walk along Tennessee River in Chattanooga.
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    What a lovely idea! That is something I would love to do! In these odd times though, I am one that happens to have more daily responsibilities now. I am solely responsible now for this sweet lady with dementia. We are here now in this house (her house)in quarantine together. But that sounds like something great do do before I pursue a new job when this is all over! Thank you for posting that Gillian!
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    Honestly I'm finding so much peace in the stillness in the normally chaotic city I live in. Spending a lot more time sitting in these new quiet moments, reflecting and trying to appreciate the small benefits the earth is getting during this time, vs worrying. Also spending more time connecting with family and friends (by phone and video)
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    Day2: 3 Mindful Breaths. Today I appreciate the “prep” work of relaxing into your seat, easing tension, becoming more present BEFORE actually mindfully looking at your breath. I think this is the piece I have been neglecting when trying to meditate on my own. I would sit, close my eyes and immediately take a look at my breath. I quickly became agitated, uncomfortable and impatient then quit, thinking “Phrew! Got that out of the way...what’s next?” Today, my 3 breaths flowed easily and I found it fascinating to really notice what was happening, especially the transitions between inhaling and exhaling. Lovely.
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    Slowing myself down to focus on a complete breath is so powerful to me. No matter what the situation or how rattled, stressed or out of control I feel this simple drawing in of my focus to the breath in my body anchors me. It leaves me feeling calm, focused and in control.
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    Hi all, I am a restorative yoga teacher and meditation teacher looking to share meditation with as many people as I can. Hoping to write some of my own meditations to include in the restorative yoga classes as well. thanks and chat soon.
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    Hey Gillian, I really appreciate what you have shared here. I too am thankful for the opportunity I have now to slow down, and breathe, reflect, and become aware of where I am in this moment. I remember a teacher of mine who was showing walking meditation sharing that the practice of walking meditation reminds us of the miracle of balance. Our bodies know what to do and we just do it. Each step then becomes an appreciation for our bodies and a reminder that our health is something to appreciate and nurture. The absence of close connection with some friends right now is a reminder of how much I value and enjoy their presence (in person.) Today I did my Mindful Movement Class through Zoom and someone showed up who had not been in class for a couple months. She had delivered her third child and was home taking care of her precious newborn. She was able to attend online today only because her husband( a doctor) has a few days off, so he is watching the children and she can attend Mindful Movement. We all were so happy to see her. She would not have been able to attend online if the current situation was not in place. We all were just cheering in happiness to see her again.
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    Free Mindfulness Exercises Courses - https://mindfulnessexercises.com/free-online-mindfulness-courses/ Weekly Meditation Class with Tara Brach (online for now) - https://www.tarabrach.com/calendar/weekly-meditation-class-tara-bethesda-md/all/ Mindfulness Mastermind - live online workshops, resources, & courses - https://mindfulnessmastermind.com/ Power of Awareness - online training with Jack Kornfield - https://jackkornfield.com/event/the-power-of-awareness/ I will add more as I discover additional offerings. Share whatever you're aware of as well
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    Staying away from unnecessary news updates. Nicer weather here helps me feel better. It seems that for me, right now, being focused on how to connect with my classes online is a learning experience that keeps my mind engaged. I also notice I am looking at "SLP" s ..... Silver Lining Possibilities. Clearly, things aren't going the way I planned or wanted right now, but I am blessed with my good health, and safe surroundings. I count my blessings and practice gratitude. Then I keep my mind open to possibilities based on what is here right now.
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    Wow, Gillian, that's really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I have noticed I am flowing with creativity, too. Yesterday I spent lots of time making heart designs to display on the door and window on the front of our home. There is a facebook group called heart hunters. It originated as a kind of scavenger hunt for parents taking their children on walks in their neighborhoods while still practicing social distancing, but it has become so much more! It has become a way of connecting and supporting each other in this time of separation. I didn't mean to stray off topic, but it is still about creativity, right?
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    “Hey, my book (Mindfulness Meditation) is FREE from (02/04/2020) to (06/04/2020) on Kindle. Download here: https://www.amazon.com/Mindfulness-Meditation-Meditations-Relaxation-Techniques-ebook/dp/B086GZD7QT
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    Thanks, Gillian! It actually is still going on through 10:30pm central time tonight. If all goes well, I will be going live with a guided meditation for the event around 8pm central time rtonight.
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    For the April 4th event, you will need to friend request me to get an invite as this one is by invitation only, whereas the event this evening is public. I am Barb McLaughlin from Ottawa, IL on facebook. The event link for April 4th is https://www.facebook.com/events/666940470783309/ Here is the description info for the April 4th event: The times listed are Central Time. To find the corresponding time where you are go to: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ 9:45pm to 10:30pm I would like as many of you as possible to join us in a meditation to slow the covid 19 virus and the fear surrounding it. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations and activations on human society. http://thespiritscience.net/2015/06/18/studies-show-group-meditation-lowers-crime-suicide-deaths-in-surrounding-areas/ http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_study.html I know some of you think this is being blown out of proportion. I am no stranger to conspiracy theories myself. HOWEVER, whether we are being told the truth or not, the fact is, YOU WILL BE affected by the response by individuals and governments worldwide. At the very least, meditate with us to spread calm and rational behavior surrounding the situation. My plan is to post a guided meditation audio to aid the meditation experience for us. We will be using Marianne Williamson's guided meditation for both events. You can find that at: I hope many of you here will join us!
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    If anybody is interested, I have created a Facebook public meditation event to slow COVID 19 and the fear surrounding it at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1284889245038173/
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    Thanks Gillian, brilliant post & great resources here. For myself, my greatest fear that I am working through with gratitude, meditation & mindfulness is the uncertainty of income as schools & businesses grind to a halt. I am a casual relief teacher &, although schools are still open here in Australia, I am concerned that if or when they close, I am without work & the bills & rent still need to be paid. Mindfulness exercises help keep me in the present with a clear head & open heart to deal with my emotions. I know this too shall pass & that, whatever happens, I can & will handle it. Being in the moment yet creating a contingency plan brings me peace of mind & allows any anxiety to flow through me without giving it any weight. Another challenge that I find harder to deal with is my husband's mood....he seems to be sinking into a depressive state which is not helped by his steady diet of TV news. This, along with financial burdens, is putting our marriage under great strain. Any suggestions of what is within my own scope of power & what I can do to help him would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again Maureen
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    Completely agree. I allow myself to check the news once per day for the important updates I need to know, and I only check the official local and national sources. In the world of social media where the news is being flung towards you from every direction, it can definitely be difficult. Applauding you for taking a news fast. I came here today to find exactly this! Thank you so much, Gillian!
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    Here's a resource that explains a bit about the fear response (and the social contagion of coronavirus emotions) and lists some exercises for managing this fear: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/dealing-with-covid-19/
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    Thankful for making mistakes. (Not intentionally).. Before? I used to see mistakes/missteps/"screw ups" through the eyes of society: he or she is "imperfect", "flawed", "less than", or even worse, shall i say it? "human".. Now i see the mistakes as something i can learn from, laugh at myself, grow, and understand/connect with others.
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    I am currently discovering the world of mindfulness, learning a lot from this website, new concepts, exercises, meditation, but specifically meditating daily helps me a lot to manage my stress at work and has improved my sleep.
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    I am grateful for this compassionate community on the internet.
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    I am sorry for your loss. I lost my dad a few years ago. First close family member besides my brother. I didn't see my brother for 10 years. But it hit me very hard. My dad, I was right there with mom helping her get through things. I remind myself of how awesome death really is. I try to be the observer and caretaker when around the losses. I experience and acknowledge the loss when the time is appropriate. Only 10 years ago I could not deal with loss at all. I would shake and totally melt down. Understanding that we do not die. The body dies, helps me with my emotional control. I truly believe this because I witness this when I help a couple people to cross over. (My dad and my father-in-law) I mean I visited with them until they were comfortable enough to go from their form. My dad was talking to his buddy soldiers from 60 years previous. Greeting them, being half here and half there. It was an amazing thing to witness. Both these people were older and ready to go. It is much different in different situations. I still never hold back and remain in the deep breathing and controlled mode until appropriate. Blessings everyone.
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    Beautifully said, Julie. This reminds me of what the West African healer Sobonfu Some writes here: http://www.sobonfu.com/articles/writings-by-sobonfu-2/embracing-grief/
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