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    • Thanks so much, Gillian...off to another Dr's appt. today...just came from david Treleaven's Meet up...which he is putting at rest "for a while"...he will be Producing, a TSM Workbook, which was Super to hear...:)...anyway, there were 173 of us on his call:).
    • Thank you for the recommendation Rick! And I am so sorry to hear about your fiancé. Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery!
    • Thanks, Gillian, It's been a crazy month for sure....it got a little more crazier when my Fiancé got knocked down on Sunday in front of our church & I took her to the Dr's today to be checked out, hence my absence from your group; thank God nothing broken except for some internal Hip and Arm...so she needs to be more careful and let me assist her; I'll let it go with that. I'm trying to breathe easier... It's strange or not, someone in our program recommended the Book: "The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully" by Frank Ostaseski; I cant think who it was, who recommended it, actually that was before my Brother passed away, so I am reading it now; it is very enlightening & timely; anyone who wishes to work with the Death & the Dying, I highly urge you to read it; You can get from Amazon with a slight Discount....which, BTW, Resale-able Books is a good deal; every book I've bought second hand has been in great shape; the key is to read the Comments re: the Senders.:) Namaste....I have turned my recent Meditations to the Hallow App...those too are very Christian & inspiring.
    • Today is the second time I do the Just Like me meditation. I did it few days ago as part of the Fundamental class.  I felt this time i was maybe less into it as many things are turning in my head. But I still found it very helpful. As there are some some tension between our team, i think this is a meditation I could bring to the team  and see how it could releive the tension. I need to translate it in CHinese first and see how I could read it 🤣
    • Hi Misa, Welcome to our Program! My name is Rick in Texas. Sure, feel free to share; would love to see:)
    • Hi I'm Misa and I'm new here  and happy to be. I believe love is life and we should all be mindful in how we treat one another. If anyone would like I found an amazing meditation technique I would love to share!
    • I definitely resonate with you on this. Body scans, for me, are very grounding - and because it is a process, it helps the mind to stay present. Glad you've enjoyed it!
    • Self-love and kindness is so necessary for the journey of self-discovery. I am glad you are tuning into loving kindness and acceptance. The journey includes all sorts of moments - moments of resistance, moments of pure grace, and all in-between. And mindfulness really is a practice. I'm very glad the meditations have been supportive for you!
    • Hi Asja and Camille! Welcome to the community 🙂 It's wonderful to have you both. @good_vibes - What are some of your favourite tracks at present? @Mindful_Mille - Congrats on attending your second yoga class! Are you interested in trying meditation? If so, do you know what type of meditation you'd like to start exploring? 
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