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    • I am on Day 6 of the challenge and feeling pretty good. I have been really busy and didn't get to post, but loving this so much! I am so thankful for awareness as am walking, and doing the body scan to help see about my feelings and emotions relating to my overeating. The breaths are really helping me with the mindful eating challenge also. I have so much gratitude!! 
    • Thank you so much Gillian! I really appreciate you!
    • Hi Gillian, I read the article by Grossman and Choi and your comments about some of their findings. Overcoming the current divides is a difficult task as you and all the contributors to this thread acknowledge. I want to add that it is difficult to know how and when to try to bridge the divide and with whom. My wife and I live amidst a community of about 250 condominiums. Lots of us walk or walk with our dogs. I know from trusted neighbors that several other neighbors with whom I interact while walking are Fox News believers. Since they have never uttered a word about their beliefs to me I was shocked. They seem to be hardworking, responsible and friendly. Thus the two identities are not mutually exclusive. My response is to say the Loving Kindness prayer for them mentally after I walk away from an encounter. Plus  I chat just a bit longer so as to show the good feelings I have about their basic worth. That is what I personally can do. I know that is not enough to overcome divisions but it is what is possible for me towards that end. Daniel
    • Thank you Gillian! And a lovely weekend for you too! 🙂  Jolanda
    • For those interested in the capacity for mindfulness to help bridge divides, I just came across this really interesting article: https://theconversation.com/its-not-stress-thats-killing-us-its-hate-maybe-mindfulness-can-help-171335 It explores how theoretically, if we understand mindfulness to be about awareness AND acceptance, it should lead to less intolerance and divisiveness. However, in the research put forth by the writers of this piece, they note that awareness and acceptance are often treated as independent processes, and that: "people who reported greater awareness reported lower acceptance and vice versa." The studies also found that participants who reported greater acceptance were simultaneously reporting less engagement with difficult issues. It seems to me that it is crucial for us to engage in difficult issues if we are going to better understand and overcome them. Another part of this article I connect with is this paragraph: "Acceptance doesn’t mean that we have to passively accept whatever cards we are dealt. It means confronting our discomfort long enough to explore what needs to be changed and being malleable enough to consider vantage points we typically ignore. Reducing stress by avoiding difficult conversations is a short-term solution that only further polarizes perspectives." Anyways, if you have a look at the article and want to share your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.
    • This all sounds wonderful Jolanda! And it is my pleasure to support 🙂 If you have any questions about the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program offered through Mindfulness Exercises, let me know. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Gillian
    • Hi Gillian, Thank you for your warm welcome! Great to be here! I guide a meditationgroup of elderly people. It is my wish to show the people how there thoughts are in control, managing there feelings and emotions. I make use of different tools, but would love to learn guided meditations and guiding with mindfulnessmeditations.  I will look further at the blog posts, and hope to start the teacher training next month. Thank you for being part of the Adminstrators: I have done online Demystifying-Mindfulness from University Leiden through Coursera, as a mentor. It is really great to help and support others on their way.  With gratitude, Jolanda  
    • Beautiful reflections Patti! I really think there are so many ways to positively impact the world and that we all have our own gifts and methods for doing so. And certainly as we become more aware, we influence others in the same way. I really notice the shift in discussions with my boyfriend (especially tense ones) when I am able to take a breath, take responsibility for my contributions, and mindfully communicate as best I can. Not always easy, but it is a valuable practice 🙂 Much gratitude to you as well! Thank you for sharing here. I'm so happy you joined our community.
    • Thank you so much Gillian! Yes, I am starting to see this slowly but surely in my practice, which I am just on Day 5 of the 100 day challenge, but my awareness is really having me see things in a different light and I am projecting that to my husband, and I can actually see him change his focuses also. I really love the loving kindness meditation and try to spread that into the world. I love to help people, and I have been ill, so I can't do the things I want to do to go out into the community and save the world, but I feel I can focus on vibrations and spreading light and doing the best I can to show my son and his family how much I care, even though I don't have the finances to help them out. But I can keep praying and sending out light the best I can. Also, I am trying to mindfully eat, which I need to lose weight for my health, but it is going pretty slow. But continuing on, and I am so grateful for you and Sean and this wonderful site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Many Blessings~!
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