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  • This community is designed to be a welcoming space to enhance mindfulness inquiry and exploration. In this spirit, please share and respond mindfully and compassionately, cultivating continued respect, safety, and support for all.
  • Important Announcement: An Ending and New Beginnings
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    • Hi Gillian, First and foremost I am delighted that you are going to be or already are a mother! Being a mindful mother is the greatest gift you could possibly give to your baby and the world! Felicitaciones a usted as we say in Spanish! Next, I would love to be a member of an online community of mindful people. A membership fee would be fine with me as well. I have loved communicating with you and others over the past several years. I respect any decision you make about continuing on in the new format or not. In all honesty, however your continued involvement with the new venture would be a very strong draw for my membership. Loving, supportive wishes to you in this new phase of your life! Daniel
    • I reflect on myself by doing activities each day and planning it by making a list what I like doing.
    • Thank you for you words @Paggie and @Joanna! Paggie - it has been such a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your journey as you moved through it. I appreciate your openness, curiosity, and engagement very much. All the best to you and perhaps we will connect again soon 🙂 Joanna - I'm very glad to hear that the 100 day mindfulness challenge has supported you. Wishing you all the very best in your journey ahead! 🙂 
    • I will miss your everyday e-mails. I am very thankful for your 100 Days Meditation Challenge. It has been my last resort for the better..  
    • Grateful for this space that held accountability for me to complete 100 days meditation challenge. Thanks to Gillian especially for your showing up in every posting, every celebration, every downs and ups, means weight to me. Look forward to new beginning.
    • So glad you are enjoying the continued practices Jhana! Note: I just posted an important update about this community here:  
    • Hi everyone, The post I'm writing today is much different than usual. It comes as we are preparing to close this online community forum as we lay the foundations for a new way of connecting, sharing, and practicing together. As of Wed. August 10th, 2022, this community forum will no longer be active. It is a bittersweet decision as it signifies both 'goodbye's (or 'until next time's) and a new beginning. In the coming week and/or months, the Mindfulness Exercises team will be launching a new membership program. This online community membership will offer more ways to practice together, to interact, and to deepen our shared exploration of mindfulness. If this sounds of interest to you, keep your eye out on other newsletters from Mindfulness Exercises as well the Mindfulness Exercises website.  As the primary moderator of this forum over the past few years, it has been a pleasure to connect with you - to hear of your successes and challenges, your views and past experiences, your applications of mindfulness, and so much more. Thank you so much to all those who engaged with me and others here. We have had people pop in and out over the years and it has always been so lovely to see familiar names show up in these forums from time to time. If this community has supported you in some way, I would love to hear from you. Share your reflections in this thread in the next few days - and if you have any questions at all about the new membership opportunity, let me know. The transition to this new program comes as I prepare for maternity leave. At the end of next week, I will be taking some time away from work and Mindfulness Exercises to get ready for the new arrival and to spend time with the little one when he arrives. I will be back supporting Mindfulness Exercises in a variety of ways (i.e. the new membership program, the teacher training program) in the new year, so I hope to connect with some of you again then. Again, I'd love to hear from you in the coming days if you wish to connect for the last time in this forum. Sending you all many warm wishes for wellbeing and thank you again for showing up here over the months and years 🙏
    • The current study strongly supports the hypothesis that ASMR is related to mindfulness. Individuals with ASMR generated higher scores on the MAAS, a measure of the attentional component of mindfulness
    • Hi Rich, I am Rick. Here are Free Audio Meditations with Scripts for your use for various Practices; hope this helps: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/free-mindfulness-exercises.            
    • Hello everyone.  I am Lazaro Keith from right on the equator in Singapore.  I'm a psychologist who works with trauma (crisis inrtervention and its related consequences).  I've just srrated my journey into Mindfulness and hope to incorporate its fundamentals into my therapy work.  I enjoy riding my Brompton as it brings me to places where I can meditate (by the park, the coast, a park, or a wooded area).  I hope to learn more through sharing and learning from people like you, as well as from reading and practicing with the various exercises.  It's great to get to know all of you.
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