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    • I came across a video this morning of Francis Weller talking about grief. I must say, it felt to come at the perfect time. I have been experiencing a lot of grief about the state of our collective and his explanation of the many gates of grief was affirmative for me. Below is the video (with discussion about the five gates starting at 3:03, though the whole thing is worth a watch). That said, I'll just quickly outline the five gates he mentions here. If you have thoughts or reflections on any of these, I would love to hear them: 1. Grief that occurs when we lose something or someone that we love 2. Grief that occurs when we lose some part of ourselves we've never known 3. Grief related to the losses of the world, the sorrow of the world 4. Grief for what we expected when we came into this world but did not receive 5. Ancestral grief He notes that in our modern societies, we tend only to really acknowledge the first type. Just hearing him talk about the additional gates of grief felt deeply validating.    
    • Beautiful, humbling words, Rachel. Thank you for sharing another one of your lovely blog posts.  Reading it reminded me of something Sean said in a weekly call for the teacher training program a while back. He offered the reminder that teaching mindfulness is not about us; it is about helping others. This of course applies to modalities beyond mindfulness as well. There is a short clip of that talk here:  
    • Thank you for sharing J.D. - and welcome to the community! Relating to what you've said, I do believe managing anxiety requires a holistic approach - community, nourishing lifestyle habits, awareness, rest, and so forth. It seems like you're covering a lot of angles in your approach!
    • Thank you for sharing this, Eve. I can relate to what you've said as I am constantly trying to mind my phone usage. Sometimes, I am able to recognize unconscious scrolling, but sometimes not. It's definitely a journey. 
    • Day 13 Self ~ compassion I found the expressions in The end of the video very helpful to offer ourselves a sense of compassion and kindness through difficult and challenging times.  1. Areas of my life where I can be more forgiving are …  This reminded me of the forgiveness prayer that personally helped me a lot to forgive moments from the past in Childhood. 2. If I were more forgiving of these areas, it would allow me to…. As I was able to forgive that was the first time that allowed me to let go and move forward much easier with life. Thanks for this  self compassion video, It feels always “connecting”  to bring a sense of self compassion to the moment and yourself.💜      
    • Anxiety is the reason I got into mindfulness. I totally agree. I'll suddenly become aware that I'm not taking full breaths at times. When I get like this, I grab my disc golf bag and hit the course. I work from home, so getting out and away from my desk is paramount to my mental health.  I've also gotten back into weightlifting after a 6 month hiatus, which I'll never do again. My stress got so bad a few months ago, that I started having vertigo-like symptoms. I was dizzy anytime I was in an upright position. My hypothalamus was the culpret according to my chiro. He gave me some supplements and that really helped, but getting back into the gym and better eating habits have really helped.  But I will say meditation has 10X'd the benefits of all those things. Incredibly powerful. 
    • A list of things most people IRL or online don't know about me with a twist!: One of the items on this list is not true. I'm curious to see which one you think it is! I was on a competitive gymnastics team in my childhood I had been dreaming of playing professional soccer since I was a kid, but music threw a 🔧 into those plans I did a summer in DCI with Spokane Thunder 2008 tenors/quads 🥁 I've taken improv comedy classes I used to skateboard and freestyle rollerblade during my youth I've been skydiving 5 times I've taken Krav Maga classes I once auditioned to be a Blue Man in Las Vegas I joined a band last minute as a guitarist for the 2009 VANS Warped Tour I'm a Les Claypool impersonator 🤫
    • To be financially secure, do you work harder at anticipating risks so you can avoid them, or at building a cushion so you can withstand the unexpected? Which do you think might work better and why? I know choose to build a cushion so that I can withstand the unexpected is the way I want to achieve on but I still work so hard at anticipating risk just to avoid them to happen. I think build a cushion much more better because I can't always foresee what's the unexpected will happen in the future and what if I really can't work already then what is my next plan to overcome the risk so the rational choice will be build a cushion for myself in financially secure. 
    • What are your two most compulsive habits? Do you struggle to break them? If so, what would it feel like to accept them and give up on trying to change? I want to compulsive play smartphone when I feel alone and watching my smartphone while I'm eating. Yes, I want to break them because I know I can create many joyful and happy moment with others, enjoy the food and the taste instead of watch drama while I having a meal. I feel appreciated and grateful if I can break those habits. 
    • Hi Everyone- I am happy to report that I have been able to bring mindfulness to groups that cut across a swath of my community as well as online.  Today I wrote and put out a new blog post that I wanted to share- called In Service. Hope it resonates and please feel free to share widely.  Here is the direct link, and below is the link for my site where meditations and blogs are shared freely and with love! link to blog:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qm8wftizCAlZSsI6BXrvYOCqlLIgdObFVTrUcZkEfBw/edit?usp=sharing  link to site:  rachelpottsorg.wordpress.com     Be well! Rachel
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