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    • Mindfulness became a habit. I apply it and share it with all my people around me, showing them how being calm and patient can solve a lot of problems and keeps us away from conflicts. My friends and colleagues now ask me to teach them how I can be this kind of person who is always peaceful, and to be honest, in my free time, I gather them and listen with them to the videos that I receive from Mindfulness.com . It is really helpful, and effective.  
    • Guest Thuraya
      To live authentically, literally means to me that I have to be honest with my inner self before any boy else. Dealing with my surrounding in flexibility and just observing without judgement. 
    • I was bullied as a child to the point of hypnosis where I would look into the mirror and tell myself I couldn't measure up, and I didn't belong on this planet. I hated myself and repeated words others spoke to me when looking into a mirror.  As an adult, I finally had an epiphany, that all those words were worthless, dust in the wind, yet as I spoke them again and again, I was self hypnotizing. I also realized that the mirror does not define me, who I am.  Mirrors lie, they only show a rough idea of how we really look.  Now, instead of meditating on harsh words or actions, I choose to meditate on positive, constructive things. I am free to follow my passions, exercise my talents and help others. Like Gillian and Paige, I love water...especially in our pool, the weightlessness is bliss, like lifting all the weight of the world off of you for a time.  
    • I admire people who are kind and compassionate, and use their voice to help others and to uplift inspire those who struggle in life.   While my voice is not quite matured enough, I do have a kind heart, and I do desire to help others feel.
    • Hi, I am new to this platform, and I am excited to meet likeminded individuals and learn a new skill for healing. I am a massage therapist and I desire to help diminish health disparities in my community by engaging people in free massage amd wellness education events 
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