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Dealing With Stress & Anxiety

Share your experience with stress and anxiety, including trials and triumphs, insights, and questions for other members.

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    • I clear  my mind and reading my body when am doing my my breathing exerse.
    • it is about awareness. body check in is a tool and effective the more  we use it, we become more aware.
    • I will wishing myself and try to think things though better and be nicer to my people around me.
    • Hi Gillian and David, Gillian and I had watched some you tube videos by Rupert Spira. So far I believe I am correct about some things he is saying. The most important is that everything is AWARENESS. He posits a grand awareness. The relationship of this pervasive awarenss to awareness in a person is not clear in all aspects to me yet. I think he is saying that when people are aware they participate in the grand awareness. I can see some logic to that. My continuing question is what are WE?. I think he would say "Awareness experiencing". That reminds me of the (very old) Baltimore Chatechism of the Catholic Church of my childhood. The question "Why did God make us?" The answer: "God made us to know him, love him and serve him in this world and the next". Surprisingly, that answer might just fit with what I think Ruperrt Spira thinks. There is only Awareness (God) and we participate in his life. I always feel uncomfortable when an approach leaves out my seemingly real life. However, I am going to keep listening to Rupert to try to understand how he conceptualizes the lives of individuals. I think the answer is:  we have awareness and it is part of the grand awareness. Our task is to recognize we are part of that. Rupert is a poet and a writer and a potter of beautiful ceramics. He certainly does lots of activities. He is married with a daughter. What I would like to find out is; what is the purpose of our lives and modes of expression. Why do we seem to be independent if there is only awareness. Does the Grand Awareness benefit from our activities? Deep thoughts. Daniel
    • The person that comes to mind for me now is my therapist. I saw her for a couple of years a few years ago, and then sometime during this past summer, I reached out to see if she was holding virtual sessions. Due to covid, she was. I have since had a few sessions with her again. She is thoughtful and curious, kind and compassionate. She meets me where I'm at and yet still pushes me to consider other alternatives and new ways of thinking. I remember when I first met her many years ago, she said something about the fact that she wouldn't have any answers for me. In this way she doesn't claim to hold or know any truth absolutely; rather, she helps me to tap into my own truth and to honour my inner wisdom.
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