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    • Remember, one day, one minute, one second at a time is all it takes for self live
    • I am way off topic, however, I stumbled on this website, and feel relieve to get my thoughts out. Perhaps for me it is selfish. A deep depression has had deep roots in my soul lately(four months). Suicide continues to plague my mind. I have a plan, just need to purchase the black electrical tape. My firstborn killed herself more than 45 years ago. I do not want to cause that type of pain ( survive suicide) in anyone's heart ever again. However, suicide continues to flood my mind. I chose this form to use because those of you reading this do not know me. I have isolated myself quite well. I spend most days alone. I do not think I will act on my ideation; nonetheless, I am concerned enough to reach out in this way because this is the safest way to bring about a little sense of calm.  I do not know how this works it is my first time to express my self-absorbed thoughts safely. I do not want to act on my ideations. I do not believe I will take my existence into my own hands. Please forgive me if I have abused this site. 
    • How does this impact how you engage in your day? First of all im happy to be come back again here .. i listened to this video more than 7 times.  Usually we will not aware of sound smell and sight at a time ..like being concious all the time . i felt like something i was missing in my day to day life like being awareness of sound smell sight at each moment. no one will teach us like this in a practical way of life. We should follow being aware of smell sight also sound at each moment. will try it out . The words in the video : "noticing the sounds around you noticing the smell noticing the sight feel the feeling  sense the sensation" lingering in my mind          
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