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    • Hello @Joseph, I can really identify with what you are saying. My background is in social work and when I began my career, this was also my experience. I remember working with people who were in conflict with the law. I also had to check my values, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and assumptions. One strong memory that has stayed with me for many years is a pearl of wisdom from an experienced community worker who often said, "Just because you made a mistake, it does not mean you are a mistake". When I think about this statement, I often think about the powerful role that stigma has in shaping peoples lives. We need helpers and providers  who work in our systems to take the time to check their values, assumptions,  and beliefs  because people who work in the helping profession have  an important role to play to help people to understand that they are not mistakes and they matter! I see mindfulness as a pathway to bring this kind of awareness. Thank you for sharing your journey.  Kind Regards, Gene
    • I walk every morning. As I said when I first came on here I used to walk in the woods behind my house which I loved. I walked with my dog, Henry, for many years but he died a few months ago and can not walk there yet. I live on a road that I do not love but it is very pretty and not manicured except for right around people's houses. The rest is trees and streams. Today I walked by the big pond up the road. There was fog over the mountain and there was the sound of early morning birdsong. Sometimes I have to remember to stop and listen to the peacefulness of it. Walking every day can keep you in touch with the seasons as you notice what comes up and when. I am not the happiest person but seeing wildflowers or birds or groundhogs or turtles or birds  in the pond brings me bits of joy. The natural world is what counts. The things we as human make are  not really a part of that but nature is well, natural and how things should be. I am surrounded by trees and have hugged them. Everyone should try hugging a tree at least once.
    • Thank you for this post @Rachel, I have been hyper busy with work this past week. I appreciate the reminder keep my feet on the floor, step near a window, take a deep breath and know where I am right now.... and everything else is just temporarily visiting. This will be my practice for today. Many thanks! Gene
    • Hello! It appears that it a tech glitch that is being looked into now. Thank you for drawing this to our attention! If you can send me a direct message here in the community, I will message you directly with details on how to get the PDF once its fixed.
    • Beautiful reflection Rachel. Thank you for sharing! My 20-minute morning meditations are supporting me this week by helping me to remain present in the morning. It is tempting to turn quickly towards my phone as I wonder what emails await me... but I have set an intention to not look at my personal devices until I've gotten out of bed and sat for 20 minutes. This morning's practice was so lovely that I plan to have another 20-minute sit very soon.
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