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Work, Career & Mission

Mindfulness intersects with career and work in many ways. Share your experience with bringing mindfulness into the workplace, or let us know your thoughts on the ideas of 'purpose' and 'mission'.

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    • Winter. The withering season, but it still teems with energy. There is nothing like the sun shining on a clear, cold, crisp day, especially if there is newly fallen snow it sets glittering. Still, the days are shorter, shortening more, and I spend more time inside.
    • Thanks for another great question.  Like you I find myself being very concerned and worried these days about so many issues going on in the United States and around the world.  I would like to have more patience and perspective when it comes to working on such enormous problems. I would like to have the wisdom to look at change from the perspective of “the long arc of history” as President Obama often says.
    • I love this topic of viewing our inner and outer lives from the perspective of the ever changing four seasons.  Thank you.  Although it is a bit hard to accept, I realize that I am now living in the Autumn season of my life.  However my inner season feels like spring since I living into one of the most creative seasons of my life.  All in all I am grateful for both seasons.
    • Like you, Gillian - SPRING! 🌱 The first thing that "sprang" to mind! I feel a season of hope and possibilities unfolding inside me as I breathe new life into my business! Great question! 💟
    • For all the mindfulness and meditation teachers here, I am curious: how are you reaching people during these times? Are you still teaching in-person or are you using apps, online courses, or video conferencing? If you have any tips for how to share our work online (such as specific apps, course building websites, etc.) I'd love to learn more.
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