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Pain, Trauma & Addiction

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This section is dedicated to compassionately and non-judgmentally exploring all things related to trauma and addiction.

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    • No not yet.  I hope to in a year or so.  Thank you.  
    • I have acquired the book, and read the first 4 chapters.   Thank you for accepting me into this club. As a psychologist, I am attempting to integrate the framework of ACT Acceptance and commitment therapy) into my work, and I am finding Dr. Brach's book interesting--familiar in many way, yet she deepens the concept by incorporating her own life story into the idea of acceptance. For myself, I have had to work at understanding the acceptance as something more than a great idea, and I appreciate the added dimension that Dr. Brach adds. She has spurred me into engaging acceptance as t relates to my patients lives as well as my own.This has not been an easy thing, but I am finding that when I do this, the therapy and my groups become more powerful, and the men put more energy in to the work. The life and world of the inmate is so radically different from mine, and although I have worked in prison's for many years, I still have to admit that I don't even know the half of it --what an inmate's experience is. I have to struggle to let go of my assumptions, my own frame of reference, society's views about the incarcerated, my own burn out--all of these are a part of my point of view. I think that this is a place where acceptance and mindfulness can inform my work.
    • I am a nature/animal person and while I moved to the wrong house on the wrong road I am surrounded by trees.mountains, and a wildlife who i mostly do not see. I walk in the morning and hear the birds and the streams, look for wild flowers, and just enjoy being there. I used to walk on the mountain behind my house with my dog, Henry, but he died 3 months ago and I have not been able to bring myself to walk there without him. I bring his picture on my phone as I walk down the road so he is always with me. I used to hug trees and I love it up there. Nature is so amazing and sometimes i remember to just stop, look around, and listen. I love storms and wind (when it is warm out). I do kind of miss the city where I lived for 46 years and I am not sure if i will stay in the state I am presently in but I appreciate the peace and beauty here (except for the road which really stresses me out sometimes).
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