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  2. For me, Mindfulness is the state.. the intentional awareness of what is present, with equanimity. Meditation is setting aside time to practice this.
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  6. @Jess MarieSnakes are not my favorite but anything small with lots of legs that move fast scare me. Like cockroaches, spiders etc. Just watching the little legs moving all over is so nasty to watch. I grab whatever is around and smash, smash, etc. No mercy there. Sorry little things. I get scared. My dreams are scary also, even today. I am surprised I am still afraid of things.
  7. @Gillian SangerIt always is great to "know" that spring will come. That seasonal "knowing" . a consistency. A pattern, or habit of Mother Nature. This helps settle my inner self to believe in things. I "know" spring will come and the colorful world will burst out. The buds on the trees and bushes. White and red, berries etc. Even the weeds turn a great color and try to exist inside everything else. Today I walked outside to gather all the puppy toys. I got her a bunch of beanie toys she loves. Her mouth is small so she just tries to find a squeaky in it. It is funny to watch her biting it. She will run outside with it and toss it in the air and catch it to toss again. Running in circles. Run as fast as possible around things outside. Or a big circle. She is a Peek-a-Pom. The ground was wet from rain. So were the toys but she doesn't care. she still wanted them. The air smelled so "good". Someone must have cut their grass because it smelled almost like fresh alfalfa being cut. A sweet smell. Takes me back to my childhood riding on a raker. I am excited for spring, in about a month now. Here is Teddy. She is a clown.
  8. Boundaries can be difficult. Learning to uphold my own was very hard to learn. I always gave, helped, shared and never new about them. After a few things happened that were not planned, then it became much more apparent. Growing up our parents help us determine how close people come to us and sometimes what we communicate about and see. Keeping it short. I teach now that a boundary helps us know what we can expect to control. Without being overwhelmed by "everything". It is much easier to understand a smaller space and not the whole world. I teach to concentrate on how wide our arms reach. If we can control what is within this boundary, our self in the middle, then try to go outside this boundary. For me being empathic I have to stay home to set boundaries. People have a tendency to come to me and discuss their life issues and want help, find a path to resolution. Or I feel obligated to help them so I set the boundary. It is very painful if I do not and want to help the world. I am trying to control and help myself first. I do not expect people I do not know to be within my arms length. Only close loved ones, dear friends. People I know. Other boundaries are health, politics and religion. I limit all these things and rarely bring them up. I usually don't have to because there are always those who feel the need to. I feel these are personal items. I have my opinion on it, but rather than get tangled up and stressed out it is not worth wasting my energy. AND joining all the organizations that help the planet, animals, and other needy causes. I understand that they have to be done, but other people are much better able to than I am. I have no problem admitting that. Due to my live and events it does not work. I want to but, no. I still battle this control of within my arms. This creates a responsibility. Sometimes I lack in this area.
  9. This week's question asks: What does the word 'boundaries' mean to you? There's a lot of talk about boundaries, but what does the word really mean? And, how do you determine and uphold your boundaries? How can boundaries be both courageous/confident and compassionate?
  10. Yes - here in Stockholm it's a bit backwards as well! It's snowed only a couple of times and only once did the snow stay. Days are much milder than I've heard they typically are in winter. A lot of people are saying that even though it's warmer, it's a heavier winter. The snow would brighten things up, whereas it's instead been dark and grey.
  11. Thank you for sharing @Paige PIlege! What a beautiful expression of forgiveness and unconditional love
  12. @Jonathan - That's wonderful Jonathan, that these practices have been soothing for you. I haven't explored self-hypnosis but that would be another interesting topic to discuss! My weekend has been nice and relaxed, now I'm just moving through a busy week Hope all is well with you!
  13. Thanks @Gillian Sanger and @Paige PIlege for the warm welcome. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the past comments across the forum. An interesting idea to open up a thread on PTSD, I shall be sure to do that. For me PTSD has been a whole host of mental challenges - ranging from anxiety and depression to insomnia and night terrors - since using mindfulness techniques and meditation practises. I have been better equipped to recognise any negative thought patterns as they arise and how better to deal with them. I have also used self-hypnosis which has been incredibly effective. Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far
  14. It is getting difficult with this weather and season changing. I think the planet is a little on the upside down. Where it should be warm it is colder. And colder it is warm. My son lives in North Carolina and they never wear tennis shoes. They were sandals year round. The past few years and today they have snow and have to wear snow boots. When it gets up to 50 degrees and stays a few days and then it drops to zero a week or so. It gets confusing within. My essence says, "open the winders for fresh air. and sunlight." But then it has to turn around and say, "nope, go to bed and read a bit more" it is still dark.
  15. @Gillian [email protected] Yes, I resonate with this very much. Our parents did not have it very easy. Mine tried to move around and my dad ran his families business. We never had any money. My mom always wondered where it went. Dad's brother helping with the family business was taking all the money. But my folks did not see it until the brothers wife; she was in a wreck and the IRS came for him. Not having anything to start with. Nothing at the time and losing the business really took a toll on my dad. He was in the Vietnam War and came back a bitter angry man. He could not get help from the Vets Assoc. until we were already grown. It made a very big impact on their lives. At my dad's death bed he talked of his guys in the troops. Mom having us 5 kids and wanting to give us everything. They did not go out for anything. I remember a Rootbeer float once in awhile. They would have tears in their eyes and apologize in later years that we grew up like we did. As if they could have changed it. No they could not. Early on I expressed that they did what they knew to do. My eldest sister didn't see it that way. She had a whole different take on the growing up. Sorry I get windy writing. I do love to write. Yes we must FORGIVE them for acting childish ourselves thinking we deserved better. I didn't deserve better. There was worse going on. Counting my blessings. Nameste
  16. Oh my. I use to have little notes all over the place. Lists of what to do in each room. Especially the kitchen. With kids around, teenagers I find lists are needed. Now I just do one room at a time and take my time. Lord, I would even have dust the base boards. I was a perfectionist. Bedrooms would look like hotel rooms. A Bed, Dresser and Chair is all the was there. Crazy when I think back. Now is not as bad. Back then I would take a clothes basket to each room. Put everything in it that belonged to a different room and empty as I went. Not anymore. Nameste
  17. My purpose other than living an honest, safe, healthy life; became known to me at age 48. I had a OBE. I felt myself leave my body and was taken to a bright light. So bright there were no beams. It was white and hurt to look at it. In my mind a voice said, "no it is not your time yet, there are people who need to hear what you have to say" To this day I am trying to understand what it means. When I was taken back to my body, I became excited and energized to move along to another life. Literally moving away from my home for 40 years. To an unknown town, people and community. I realize that I just need to shine, smile, be myself in spirit and understanding for others to see how to live life to the fullest. It is what brought me here now. Thank you for having me.
  18. I do love to do the mantra's. Plus with Qigong we do droning and sounds that resonate with the body chi energy systems. Each of the organs and specific meridian have a balancing mechanism with sound. Called "The 6 Healing Sounds" using sounds like hisssssss, chuuuuu, hoooooo, shiiiiiii, etc during movement. Music is a big part of the combinations of breathing, stretching, balancing, sounds, and tempo. You tube has these from Master Mungtung Gu.
  19. I understand you @SpagluaI would never want to hurt people's feelings. Saying no. I would go along with anything when I was younger. I learned the hard way, hard knocks. Either running my down. Pretty much the same. My energy is personal space now. My perspective of selfishness has changed. It is good to be selfish. I learned that keeping something hurtful from people, having it hurting myself for too long is not good. Plus the hurt still had to be out to the person. All would have benefited by not keeping it from someone. Learning lessons is difficult sometimes. Understanding that being who I am today is because of going through all the lessons is gratifying.
  20. I just begin and let my creativity flow. nothing special. I have done Literally 100 s of pictures. I love doing 2 colors and then just bold. Sometimes I end up with a picture I had no clue how would turn out. I love to color with markers. So far. I have not gotten into the shading yet. Maybe someday. My grand kids come over and also do them with me.
  21. Yes, a simple stop and breathe is what works best for me now. And when stressed I can tell because I take a lot of deep breathes at the same time. Usually a couple do it but if there are more, I have to lay down and really concentrate on breathing. It works.
  22. This photo is very still. The water is so calm. It almost looks like a fog on it. Empty with no people in it and no waves. Almost too quiet.
  23. Wow the ice on this photo is amazing. Wonder where this was taken? Very cool. It seems like a quiet place to sit. But I bet it is very cold. Nameste
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