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  • Welcome to our mindfulness community!

    This a space created to encourage exploration of mindfulness with individuals from all around the globe. The intent behind this community is to offer a place where people can come together – no matter where you live – to share thoughts, insights, questions, and resources that nourish mindful ways of living.

    We hope that this space will help you to:

    •    Connect with other individuals interested in mindfulness,

    •    Explore mindfulness resources, threads, and other content,

    •    Engage in mindfulness related clubs and discussions,

    •    Gain mindful peer-support and sense of community, and

    •    Inspire mindful thinking, relating, and living.


    In our modern day society, it can be challenging to connect with others meaningfully; and while ever-growing technology is one factor contributing to our disconnection, this community cultivates the potential that technology has to, in fact, reconnect us. This online community is a platform designed to encourage authenticity, connection, and awareness of our shared humanity.

    While it’s an online platform, we invite you to reach out to those who live near to you and form in-person clubs and communities as it feels safe to do so and appropriate.



    There are a variety of features to explore here, including:

    •    Forums

    Introduce yourself, pose a question, or share content that inspires mindful inquiry in a variety of categories. From challenging emotions to the stumbling blocks of daily life, these forums are a space to mindfully discuss your experience with others.  

    •    Clubs

    Join or start a club based on your favorite mindfulness book or your hometown. This is a great place to dive deeper into a particular mindfulness niche that you are currently relating to, or to connect with others who wish to share mindfulness practices in-person.

    •    Calendar

    If you’re looking for a retreat to join or know of a great mindfulness event in your hometown, our ‘Calendar’ is the place for it. Get or share information about mindfulness related happenings here.

    •    Leaderboard

    Find popular content and active members in the community on our ‘Leaderboard’. It’s a place to find out where the most action is happening.

    •    Gallery

    For quotes, infographics, and other inspiring images, head to our ‘Gallery’. Have a photo of your favorite nook, meditation space, or outdoor environment that inspires mindfulness? Share it here!

    •    Downloads

    For great content you can take with you, head to the ‘Downloads’ page. This section is home to audio recordings and other downloadable content that will encourage mindfulness-based practices and inquiry even once you’ve logged out of the community for the day.

    •    Member Map

    Even if at times it feels like you’re alone in your mindfulness pursuits, our map is there to show you that you’re certainly not! Find out where others are based and keep your eye out for signs of a mindful soul in your own community.

    •   Your Offerings

    To help keep things organized, we’ve created the ‘Your Offerings’ club to be the dedicated space for sharing any services, events, or other mindful work you offer. Navigate to the ‘Share and Explore Offerings’ link in the sidebar to find the appropriate thread for sharing whatever mindful offerings you have to share with the community. Use this space not only to share but to also explore what other community members are up to.


    Rules & Etiquette

    While mindfulness naturally promotes a compassionate and peaceful way of engaging with others, we want to outline just a few rules and etiquette pieces to encourage a safe space while belonging in this community:

    •    Content should be relevant to mindful exploration. This mindfulness community is a space to deepen your understanding of what it means to be mindful and to connect with others on these grounds. Try to ensure that your posts are relevant to the intentions of this community. This is not a space to advertise or sell products or services, or for self-promotion. It is, first and foremost, a space to connect and inspire. With that said, if you are have or know of an event, product, or service that could be helpful to others and you have a pre-existing, active presence in the community, feel free to mention it where appropriate. When posting links, please post them in their full form (no shortened URLs). Spam is not permitted. Accounts or content that violate these terms may be subject to removal.

    •    Compassion and non-judgment are at the foundation of this community. When sharing your questions, stories, or thoughts, whether of their own accord or in response to others, ensure you are coming from the compassionate and non-judgmental center within you. Loving-kindness and understanding are what this space is here for, so ensure that your words are in alignment with these. We do not hold space for posts that are racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, discriminatory, or sexually explicit or suggestive. We maintain the right to remove any material that violates these rules or that is disrespectful, offensive, or damaging in any way.

    •    Private information is not to be posted. What you post is public, so ensure that you are keeping your own information and the private information of others safe. Avoid sharing sensitive details and to respect the privacy of others, avoid sharing full names. Do not include identifying information, phone numbers, contact information, or other personal information in your posts.

    •    Keep things ethical and considerate. While there is sharing of other people’s content in this space, ensure that you are not plagiarizing the work of others – and always give credit where it is due, respecting copyright and trademark laws. Never share sensitive material, and again, ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe by not sharing private or identifying details.



    If you’re in need of community related support, please reach out to us as needed. If you see something in a thread you think violates our rules, hover over the bar directly above the post and click ‘Report Post’ to let us know.

    For other inquiries, post or search questions in the ‘Site Support & Feedback’ thread under the ‘Welcome’ forum. For additional tech or site related support, email support@mindfulnessexercises.com.

    If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us via the link at the bottom of the page or search our ‘Staff’ page.


  • 26 Mindfulness Practice

    1. 1. What is your favourite mindfulness practice?

      • Breath awareness and/or specific breathing techniques
      • Body scans
      • Heart-based practices (i.e. loving-kindness meditation)
      • Nature observation and contemplation
      • Mindful creation – i.e. poetry, painting, journaling
      • Other

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